About Shibam Restaurant and Reviews

Visit Us for fresh, delicious ethnic cuisine. Our authentic Halal recipes are created

by dedicated chefs — straight to you from our Yemeni culture!

Dine in, or carryout. 
Weare open 7 days a week!  11a.m. to 11 p.m.


We are located in North Mayfair neighborhood of Chicago, just west ofthe Albany Park neighborhood.

Find us near the corner of ElstonAve. and 
Lawrence Ave., on the east side of Elston Ave.,
betweenGunnison St. and Kenneth Ave. 



Patrick H.

Went here at 11 pm because nothing else was open and found a gem! Had the beef mutapaq for an appetizer of which is a like a beef pizza puff...Awesome....The agda chicken that is an incredible stew with a rich tomato sauce...it was perfect for dipping the pita bread.It was affordable, delicious, the portions were huge and the service was great!


Bart D.

This place simply sent my tastebuds to another planet and back !!! Unreal experience. Will become a regular here for sure ! Be aware that the photos in the menu and the sizes of the plates served are totally two different levels ! One portion is big enough to feed an army ! Highly recommended!!!


Yu H.

Wait : none for new year day Service : there is a shortage of the servers and it was a bit slow Food : very big portion. We ordered lamb, chicken, and a few other dishes. The portion was huge. But everything is delicious. Their tea is fabulous. A little bit of Indian and Middle East style dishes. Price : cheap Overall : will definitely come back again


Javier E.

This place made me beyond upset. First, four guys came right behind and were sat before me. No big deal it's about 11:30 PM and I thought that they were going to spend more money than me because I was dining alone. The worst part, the lady that took my order completely forgot to put in my order. After waiting for about 30 minutes I went up to the counter and asked her what heads happened to my order she tried to make up an excuse that my meal took a long time because my food was made fresh or something crazy like that. I was angry and starving at the same time, not a gooWhen I looked to my left, no surprise the four gentlemen that came in with me were almost done eating their meals. Never again, waitress never made an effort to make it better in a any way shape or form.


Miguel M.

The food was delicious, cheap and generous serving sizes. The waitress was very helpful and very nice. I will definitely be coming back here! The only bad thing is parking around here but I definitely recommend people to come here. I had the lamb and it was delicious.


Momin C.

Shibam is a gem of a restaurant. I had no expectations of what Yemeni food would be like but was greatly excepted to have such an amazing experience. Ahlam was our server and ensured we were taken care of. The food came out promptly, and could not have been more fresh. Whether it was an appetizer, the delicious tea or the dessert, it was all great!! Ask for Ahlam, get an appetizer and the tea, and get for an amazing meal!


Madelle O.

Mutapaq (lamb?) - Meat sauteed in spices then folded into bread. Meat inside had a chicken texture, but still could have been lamb- delicious either way.Haneeth lamb- As fall off the bone as all the other reviews says. Rice was light and fluffy. It was the highlight of our meal.Lamb chops- It came with unexpected pickled vegetables and onions on top. Not bad, tender but had a slight vinegar flavor.Arika- I found myself looking for the dates/date flavor. I was told that the dates were mixed in with the bread. Good dessert, just not what I was expecting. Large portion, definitely made for sharing.Receipt: shows the prices for the items we ordered, not bad pricing for the large portions we received. We had leftovers of everything except the mutapaq. .12 after taxes for an appetizer, two main dishes, dessert, and two teas.


Mohammed A.

It was good food before one year ago. But when he turned in 24 hours. They fuck every thing. Its the mistake of owner. No proper staff. Only one person Server to care. One cook in kitchen No proper response from owner. It took more than one hour to bring food.


Nawal N.

Looking for a new place to eat? Go no further for amazing authentic Yemeni food that tastes like home. Shibam is the place to go to for always freshly made finger licking good food. Order ahead for speedy take out or dine in for a cozy experience and great service.


Arshiya S.

Omg This place is soooo good.After a very long day at six flags we came here for a late dinner. Surprised at how late they r open. We had to wait for a large table since we were a party of 9. Eventually we ended up splitting up in two booths side by side. Food was delicious and came out pretty fast. Best items for me were haneeth and mandi


Reda K.

Came here a few time for lunch. You get a nice big size of food. It's best to call ahead but you will have to wait.  The chicken is very tasty.


Salman D.

So here is what happened...  I ordered hummus and it was so bad tasteless runny watery and quantities was bad they just dropped one spoon on a rice dish fo not order hummus it's bad they better take it out of the menu. Even the lady was rude and she saying this is not an overseas restaurant when I asked her about the hummus and how it is. However this not my first disappointment but the second when I ordered their copy paste meal they all taste the same, one time I ordered their unknown meal is it Mandi or Hanneth nether Kabsa. They have the same measly rice which it must be different from dish to dish, but I bet they don't have time for it or they just don't know how because it doesn't sound Yemeni food at all I suggest them to do not make their oily measly rice again


Azim M.

Humus, Humus with Megagal, Chicken Mandi, and other dishes were ordered were amazing. The chicken came off the bone easily and the meat was succulent!Never had Yemeni food and did not expect the food to be this good! Staff was welcoming and very helpful! They suggested dishes for us that we should try. The decor has changed since other users posted and is much bett


Hisham R.

Best mutabq i had in a long time. Mandi is just upto the mark. Fahsa was terrible. The deserts taste good as well.


Hassan G.

I was so pleased to see this place get a face lift. New sofas and tables and lighting. They deserve every bit of success! The place was packed tonight. And the girls working there provided excellent service. So sweet. Great job, guys. Keep up the good work. Food was excellent as usual. (Updated)Holy shmoly! What a discovery. Very few places where you can eat from and find just EVERYTHING to be sexy. I can't breathe rn, but I want mooore!  Do try the lamb mandi, mixed grill (lovely chicken and chops in here), and the chicken sandwich. Brilliant job, guys!


Jewelss K.

I went there for lunch and had to wait about 40 minutes for my food, I didn't mind it because in my head I just kept thinking about how fresh the food is going to be..... The chicken kabobs weren't cooked all the way... I honestly don't know how this place has so many good reviews, the food isn't really that good. I'd rather eat at pita Inn lol


Anas K.

replacing my good review with the average one , they used to be really good taste and quantity wise , but not anymore ! after checking them for 3rd time im writing this review.. i ordered lamb zurbian and when i got home and open the box it was very less in quantity .. since the people are nice i thought it might have happened only this time , so after 3 4 days again i ordered lamb haneeth and Agda chicken which was in really small quantities.. again i thought it might have happened this time but they will fix it .. yesterday i ordered lamb zurbian and hummus with megelgel and other stuff .. i was really disappointed with their serving size .. i thought during ramadan they will increase the portion sizes but they cut it down instead.. i used to love their zurbian lamb which used to be good for 2 people .. but now for one person ! not going back there again .


Viquar M.

Wow! This place is awesome! The food is so yummy and light it melts in your mouth! The meats are tender, fresh and juicy. Good easy menu selection! Mandi is great! Lamb glaba was juicy! Sandwiches are great as well. Yemeni milk tea was energizing. The ambience should be definitely improved! Need to upgrade this place! Will check out the basement sit down area next visit. The food is more tasty than the Yemeni food I had in Dearborn.


Yarabb Y.

Mandi was delicious.Love the fresh good food and amazing customer service. Nice and clean place. Traditional seating on the floor is cool.


Carl G.

The lamb chops were some of the best meat I've ever tasted. Juicy and perfectly seasoned and a very good deal at 12.99. They were a little fatty but that's how lamb chops are. The mutapaq with beef was absolutely delicious at well. It says 'bread' but it's more like a paratha, which was slightly burned (in a good way) and the meat was great. We also got the agda Fish curry, which was good and had very generous fish portions with no bone. It could have used a little more spice, but I put spice on everything, so I'm biased. And the rice is really good, lots of flavor. Great meal.