5-element-kitchen by Mrs. Annke: beetroot carpaccio

The last days of the year are coming. The TV stations outdo each other (as every year) with spectacular annual glances and I wonder (by the way, as every year), where - the hell - because once again the contemplative, adventure-intensive Advent season has remained. Artig knocked on the first Advent at the door ... and ZWOOOOOOSH! burned all the candles in time lapse and ZACK! Santa Claus stood in front of the door. Hohoho. Hm.

But hey, of course, there were really great moments. For example, it was a wonderful moment when I was exhausted and eager to park for a few hours at Mrs. Annke's kitchen folding table. And there promptly spoiled with a wonderful 3-course dinner and was convalesced. From Mrs. Annke (also known as dream foam pot) and her great prosnetscho cooking and chewing evenings, I have already told in detail . So you're in the picture.

So now we can focus on the fantastic 5-element starter that surprised and blew her away. Beetroot and tofu ... a bit of skepticism is of course very understandable here. Together with a small argan oil dressing, however, the two make a very sexy appetizer debut here. Please, ladies and gentlemen, one of my Advent Highlights 2011: 5-element-kitchen by Mrs. Annke: beetroot carpaccio5-element-kitchen by Mrs. Annke: beetroot carpaccio

Here comes Annke's original recipe:

No pig has to die for this blood red appetizer.

Ingredients for 2 persons:
1 not too small cooked beetroot ball
(also pre-cooked in a vacuum bag)
smoked tofu
2 tablespoons capers
some watercress

Argan oil or sesame oil or pumpkin seed oil or other aromatic oil
Black & White Pepper
3-4 tablespoons of orange juice trong>, as fresh as possible
1 pinch of paprika
1 shot of agave syrup or some honey
1/2 teaspoon of mustard (sweet)
(mixed in this order will make a real 5-element dressing out of it!)

And this is how it works:
Cut beets into very thin slices or slices and spread on plates. 2 slices of it into small cubes, the rest of the ball ever moves into the mouth. Approximately Cut 1/4 of the tofu packet into thin slices, then dice.

Place both pieces of dice one after the other over the red beet slices on the plate. Arrange capers to taste. Just cut off the heads of the cress (scissors!) And let it snow on the plates. Add dressing with a spoon. Sprinkle with black pepper again.

5-element-kitchen by Mrs. Annke: beetroot carpaccio

5-element-kitchen by Mrs. Annke: beetroot carpaccio

I'll show you the other two stunning tunnels in this theater soon ...