Christstollen waffles with mulled wine plums and mascarpone.

My personal "sweet tooth" is usually not that strong. Ten-five-five months a year, I'm mostly superhappy without Schniggers and Co. (Except in certain "I'm two-oil tank phases" - Frolleins, you know that.) But in the Christmas season, the full sweet program ran. Absolutely. Because of childhood memories.

Mom and grandma always used to have an endless column of stollen in some secret cupboard. And then they appeared at every opportunity in the Advent season on plates and plates: "Another slice of Christstollen?" Outside packed by at least three inches thick layer of powdered sugar and inside filled with a large dollop of marzipan. Add to that the scent of mulled wine - hmmm! Wonderful magic weeks, in which you felt constantly from top to bottom covered with powdered sugar and had the mouth full of Christmas stollen. The Christ child may sound like we're ready!

For me, today's the slightly faster compact version for acute Advent season needs: Christstollen waffles with mulled wine plums and a cool blob of mascarpone. YAY! The uncomplicated yeast dough with Christstollen spice rests without kneading fast 45 minutes near the heater. Then he comes into the hot waffle iron. In the meantime, plums, juice and red wine can soak in the wonderful aroma of mulled wine spices.

The still-warm waffles get a decent dose of powdered sugar, the warm juicy mulled plums and a cool spoonful of creamy mascarpone , So good! I think the Christ Child should definitely take some time this year ...

Well, and now quickly get to the waffle iron for the full Advent season experience!

Have it delicious!

And here comes the recipe for Christstollen waffles with mulled wine plums and mascarpone

Here's how it works:

Heat the milk lukewarm with butter, salt, stollen, vanilla and lemon. When the butter has melted, dissolve the yeast and sugar in the warm milk.

Put the flour in a bowl, add the egg yolk and the yeast milk and mix with a whisk to a smooth dough. Stir in almonds and orange peel, cover with a clean dishcloth and leave to soak in a warm place for 45 minutes (in my case this is near the heating). Then beat the egg whites until stiff and put them under the dough.

Heat the waffle iron on a small scale and add the waffle dough.Then allow to cool slightly on a wire rack (or grill)

In the meantime, place a sieve on a small saucepan and add the plums with juice. When all the juice has dripped off, put the prunes aside. Boil the plum juice with red wine and the bag of mulled wine fix and cook for about 10 minutes until the liquid has reduced by half.

Stir cornstarch in a little water until smooth, add to the plum juice and stir Boil for 1 minute until the liquid thickens. Add the prunes and let cool slightly. Remove the heat-fix bag before serving and discard.

Sprinkle the waffles liberally with icing sugar on plates, add the mulled plums and serve with a thick dab of mascarpone.

The plums stay in the fridge for several days, making it worth your while. Warm up briefly on the stove before serving.