{Gift Tip} Robert Stolz and his fantastic living room restaurant in Plön. The short break near Hamburg.

The report was unpaid after a press event.

A little break with a great person. In a quiet and tranquil town near Hamburg. At one of the largest German lakes with green nature reserve in sight and foot distance. And a relaxed dinner on the highest level, completely private in a romantic half-timbered house. For all those who have thought "Jow - that's it!" Four times, here comes my ultimate excursion tip: the living room restaurant of Robert Stolz in Plön.

Before Robert Stolz, chef for several years at the hotel Four seasons in Hamburg, he already ran a very successful restaurant in Plön. And now he has returned to his roots - but in a new and completely private way: Under the motto "eat.share.live." He invites 12 guests per evening to his plön private house, to his private kitchen and to his huge oak table in his dining room. A boss's table at the boss's home.

At Robert Stolz, there is no celebrity chefs tam-tam or star-tüdelü. He is a very friendly, pleasantly restrained host who personally removes his jackets in the entrance area of ​​his house, escorts them to the parlor and offers them an aperitif (also delicious non-alcoholic options, by the way).

The equally restrained decor The dining and living area of ​​the newly refurbished house is a perfect stage for the upcoming great meal. The huge oak table is in the center and is refreshingly minimalist set - as if you were invited to friends at home. And that's what Robert Stolz is all about with his Chefs Table: nice people, good conversation and excellent food in a casual atmosphere. You can watch Robert doing his work in the open kitchen, chatting in the pots, helping out, asking questions or simply relaxing in the comfortable chairs and talking to the other guests. A great prerequisite for an uncomplicated, enjoyable evening!

Robert Stolz serves a total of 12 plates on his dinner menu - six snacks and six courses.The roasted onion soup with fir oil disguises itself in a simple small glass - and then - when you dive with the lips through the delicate oil layer - in the mouth to a true aromas fireworks. If you like, you may also like to eat the dishes without cutlery to experience the products and their texture even by touching them.

And who as a guest is actually not overjoyed in the 7th culinary Heaven floats, it pounces on the dessert: apple tart with vanilla filling and quince compote, bread ice covered in roasted buckwheat, lemon apple and herbal notes of verbena, mint and orange leave nothing to be desired. For the subsequent coffee from the Hamburg coffee roasting Elbgold (of course, hand-filtered and grams and brewed exactly graduated) there is a lemon cake with poppyseed quark and pumpernickel hazelnut crunch. The following, fantastic-looking homemade chocolates I could not cope with the best will. For pure capacity reasons. A shame!

The ingredients for Robert's menu are simple, mostly sourced Part of the region and are seasonally oriented.Explicit luxury products such as lobster, caviar & Co. can not be found on the plates so but Robert knows how to prepare his high-quality raw materials so spectacular and to combine that one culinary repeatedly from the stool And if it is "just" with an excellent piece of artisan bread made by Arnd Erbel with a rosemary and garlic sauce to dunk and a creamy sorrel butter for dipping, you never really want to eat anything else again. p>

The menu is equally suitable for culinary beginners as well as advanced and the portions are lavish - even men with a pronounced appetite are guaranteed to get enough of H housing.A very coherent and beautiful detail.

The sumptuous menu of 6 snacks Robert offers 6 course meals for a very friendly 80, - Euro per person. The price already includes bottled water. The wine accompaniment comes with about 8, - € per glass on top - a delicious treat that you should definitely afford! The equally sympathetic and knowledgeable sommelier Jonathan Seipp from BetreutesTrinken has chosen to the menu namely quite unconventional and surprising wines from German winegrowers, which are great fun. My favorite wine of the evening: The unfiltered Silvaner Naked Friday from the winery Friday - a hammer in the glass!

Robert Stolz grandiose Chefs Table takes place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 19 clock and can accommodate 12 each People. Tickets are bookable through his website and are paid in advance. The wine accompaniment can then be paid in cash in the evening.

Since the journey from Hamburg (or the surrounding area) to Plön can draw quite a bit, I recommend a small extended break with overnight stay. So you can arrive in the afternoon, enjoy a great culinary evening with accompanying drinks and then in a cute guesthouse in Plön extremely satisfied and fall into bed. The next morning, after breakfast, you could take a walk through the town or around the beautiful Lake Plön and then drive back home relaxed. Incidentally, from Hamburg there is also a regular, fairly fixed rail connection. Ideal e.g. for couples with children who can leave home for 24 hours for a fun two-person experience. Or for travelers to Denmark who want to make a small highlight stop on the way to Puttgarden. Or for all (even groups up to 12 people!) Who want to expand their culinary horizons in the most relaxed way without unnecessary ChiChi.

Robert Stolz Chefs Table
Market 24

24306 Ploen

Opening Hours
The Table
Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 7pm
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