Make yourself beautiful! For example, with a summer breakfast: yogurt with melon flowers.

You have to make it nice . Real - do not laugh! In the often so same process of everyday life, with all the duties, time stress, family and professional performance situations, you have to give yourself a regular little moment, which is just fun. It's different. No, I'm not talking about a pair of pumps with the red sole for 599, - Euro. I mean a moment that, although profane and simple, makes it very clear that life is beautiful.

How about a momentary breather at the window with fresh air, if you wait in full stress again for the fact that the printer finally spits out any papers? Or the small detour through the park from the subway home to hear a few trees rushing and at least once a day to see some green? You'll think of a lot of things spontaneously, right? Then leave a comment with your favorite Mach-it-Dir-schön-Moment, so we can all be inspired by it.

That's my contribution: We start with a "Mach-es-Dir-schön -Breakfast "in the day. Here comes a very simple, very quick suggestion:

Take melon ...

... a knife, a flower cookie cookie cutter and maybe a few wooden skewers ...

... and two minutes to make melon flowers.

Happy Breakfast!

Here's how it works:

1 piece of watermelon cut into thin slices and make flowers with small cookie cutters. Serve organic natural yoghurt or soy yoghurt with 2 tablespoons of unsweetened muesli .

Tip: The melon left over from the cutout, puree with 1 banana, 1 glass of organic milk or soy milk and a few ice cubes in a blender to a delicious smoothie.

Also a great snack for children for in between or a delightful edible decoration for the next party: put melon flowers on wooden sticks and arrange in mini-vases.