Homemade spicy lemon jam - a real dream team with cheese. And my cheese trends in 2019.

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L et's talk about Cheese, Baby ! As you know, my friends at KALTBACH do not just make really good, traditionally produced cheese that ripens for between four and 12 months in the humid seclusion of a natural cave labyrinth in Switzerland. The boys and girls from the idyllic Wauwiler Moos in the canton of Lucerne are also very interested in everything that makes life with good cheese even better (and tastier). And that's why they asked nice, "delusional" food-loving people, how cheese likes best, and what trends and ideas should be there next year in the cheese kitchen. A nice idea! That's why my personal cheese-box-chatting comes with things you should definitely do with aromatic cheese. And on top of that, of course, there's also a delicious recipe down here: The homemade spicy lemon jam is guaranteed to make a very good friend for your favorite cheese.

Back to Basics: The wonderful cheese box (and the dinner) are back!

The time when we scourged ourselves with crispy, rather tasteless light cheese slices on crispbread is finally over! From a good, mature cheese, you should also cut off a decent slice (or more) and then enjoy it consciously and happily. For example, the aromatic KALTBACH Emmentaler with nine-month cusp maturation and full, nutty taste - on a thick cask of artisan sourdough bread with good grazing butter. What makes you happier, than such a really good cheese casserole on the hand? Just. Almost nothing. Also a great trend: dinner with friends. The good, old cut again board the living room and bring friends and family uncomplicated and delicious in the couch corner (or even on the carpet) together. Predicate: definitely make it!

cheese for dinner with spicy lemon jam | GourmetGuerilla.de

Some like it hot: Why good cheese really needs to be melted.

Gratinating with cheese - that sounds like a mensa-trauma and some broccoli Casseroles in thick cream sauces. For me, a good cheese is a hard-to-top ingredient in the warm kitchen - real soul-good! Whether on self-grilled burgers, in a cheese quiche with green salad as here with Clara or in fluffy cheese dumplings from Nic aka Luzia Pimpinella: Cheese of good quality and matured taste brings a big plus in warm recipes. And at the latest on a homemade macaroni lasagna á la Mama, the crunchy-melted cheese bonnet guaranteed to fly the hearts of your loved ones! The best prerequisite for this, e.g. the KALTBACH Le Gruyere AOP with 12 months of ripeness and a nice strong, spicy flavor with.

Cheese is the best spice: Hello, Umami Power!

If you are looking for a spicy extra for your food - forget about seasoning powder with flavor enhancers and ready mixes. A fantastic, natural alternative is cheese with a ripe taste. Whether as a highlight on the otherwise simple green salad, as a kick in scrambled eggs or as a taste bonus in simple vegetable soups - a pinch of grated cheese brings just the "certain something" in your food. For the longer a cheese has ripened, the more natural umami - the Japanese word for palatability and spiciness - it brings.In the traditional menu, the cheese is served at the end of a meal as a classic cheese dish. More and more often, he now appears on top of the dessert menu - in combination with sweet ingredients, fruits, ice cream and expressive spices. How do you sound like these small cheese pear quiches with quick pear cardamom sorbet? I can promise you, this is an absolute dessert dream of spicy-sweet-crunchy-hot-cold! Or may it rather be a piece of Juicy red wine Gugelhupf to the spicy-creamy cave cheese from Malte? I'm sure you'll love these surprising combinations with cheese!

Small cheese and pear quiche with quick pear and cardamom sorbet GourmetGuerilla.de

Human fig mustard, dress yourself warmly: The spicy jams get on the cheese plate.

And where we were already at the cheese plate: The combination of sweet and salty is also here simply irresistible. This is why grapes and fig mustard are a popular "addition" to cheese biscuits in cheese platters. But the fig mustard gets really competition now. And of spicy flavored jams. They are easy to do yourself and keep in stock for months. By the way, the jams to the cheese are also a great souvenir or present for dear people (the holidays are approaching again - I just wanted to say it, ne).

For a nice cheese plate you only need two or three kinds of good cheese (more goes always , of course). The Creamy Spicy from KALTBACH produces e.g. a great strong taste with, which is great for not so hard-boiled cheese fans. By the addition of cream he almost melts on the tongue. Combine with a few gherkins, fruits, nuts, vegetables - whatever you have there and it seems exciting to you. Cut the cheeses into cubes, triangles or slices and arrange them nicely with the other ingredients on a not too small plate.

The professional tip: the cheese is always dressed and served to be the mildest variety at the top of the plate, so to speak "at 12 o'clock". The other varieties follow with increasing intensity in a clockwise direction. So you can taste each other wonderfully through the cheeses and each worthy of each, without even at the beginning by mistake with a particularly strong strain to block the taste.

As icing on the cheese plate then served the hearty jam in small bowls. My personal highlight at the moment are citrus fruits in combination with a hint of paprika and chili - the homemade spicy lemon jam is a blast! And here's the recipe.

Have it!

Spicy lemon marmalade - perfect with cheese | GourmetGuerilla.com

Ingredients for spicy lemon marmalade - perfect with cheese | GourmetGuerilla .com
 Spicy lemon marmalade - perfect with cheese | GourmetGuerilla.com

The recipe for homemade savory lemon jam

Ingredients for approx. 3 glasses à 300 ml:

approx. 8 ripe untreated lemons
1/2 green pepper and 1 small spicy chilli pepper
1 pinch of ground vanilla and 1 generous pinch of salt
approx. 600 g of sugar

And otherwise:
Mason jars with screw cap,
e.g.Cut two of the squeezed lemons into small pieces, removing the flower and stem base).

Core the paprika and chilli pepper and cut into small pieces as well. Add the lemon zest and juice, chopped lemon, paprika, chili, vanilla and salt to a medium saucepan and weigh. The ingredients should together give about 500 g. Possibly. otherwise add a little lemon juice.

Put the sugar in the saucepan and bring to a boil over medium heat. Reduce the heat and simmer for 5 minutes with occasional stirring. Mix with a blender briefly - it should still be small pieces recognizable. Simmer for another 5 minutes.

Pour the jam into the clean canning jars. Put the covers on, screw them down (caution, hot! - if necessary use a clean dishcloth), turn the jars upside down to allow a vacuum to form and the jam can gel.

Lemons become particularly juicy when you buy them and then let them mature for two more weeks at room temperature. They are often too hard to get out of the supermarket and the juice yield is correspondingly low.

The jam can easily last a year at room temperature. Prerequisite for this are impeccable canning jars. The lids should be completely intact and the glasses should be rinsed very hot. Do not touch your lid and glasses with your fingers after rinsing.

Spicy lemon marmalade - perfect with cheese | GourmetGuerilla.de  Spicy lemon marmalade - perfect with cheese | GourmetGuerilla.com