Just grow your own precious mushrooms on the windowsill: My first own chestnut mushrooms from the mushroom kit.

Contains ads promoting local mushroom growing on the windowsill

Contains ads for local mushroom growing on the windowsill

Hello. My name is Mel and I have recently gone under the noble mushroom breeders. I know you did not see that coming somehow. Neither do I. But two days ago I was actually able to harvest a whopping 800 grams of the finest chestnut pancakes - from my home windowsill. And I have to admit: This frollein was is pretty proud of her fat precious mushroom prey! (Which then landed directly in a hot pan with butter and bacon and only a short time later on a steaming plate of spaghetti. So delicious!


How did that happen? So:

When I recently visited the super-sweet people of Demeter mushroom garden in Helvesiek, not only did I learn a great deal about the fascinating world of mushrooms. For example, did you know that mushrooms are neither plant nor animal and that they form a very special category of living things? Or that they make up two thirds of our earth mass? Or ... oh, the best way to read the exciting mushroom facts in my mini-reportage itself quickly. In any case, at the end of my tour behind the scenes, I also got a small cardboard box pressed into my hand: a mushroom-breeding kit at home.

Since I've been traveling a lot lately, the card-box had to come in Wait impatiently for a few weeks in a relatively cool and dark place (under our kitchen table) for his intervention. But now I have done it: I bred my own chestnut salsify. YAY!

The whole thing is amazingly simple and works really well. Everything you need for the domestic breeding of noble mushrooms, is already finished in the mushroom kit included. A substrate block, in which the noble mushroom is already completely settled, is only waiting for the starting signal with light and water. The cardboard box with the carrying handle is also the "greenhouse" at the same time.

 mushrooms easy to grow at home Pilzkit mushroom garden Helvesiek
Just grow your own precious mushrooms on the windowsill: My first own chestnut mushrooms from the mushroom kit.
 mushrooms you can grow yourself at home Pilzkit mushroom garden Helvesiek | gourmetGuerilla.com

Just grow mushrooms at home Pilzkit Pilzgarten Helvesiek | GourmetGuerilla.de

And that's how easy it is to grow mushrooms on your home window bench:

  1. Carefully tear open the cardboard box along the perforation, creating a window.
  2. Cut the foil in the window with a sharp knife.
  3. Place the mushroom greenhouse in a bright, not too hot place away from direct sunlight.
  4. Spray the Substrate Block twice a day with normal tap water.
  5. Approx. Wait 5 days for the first mini-mushrooms to show up.
  6. Harvest the mushrooms after 5-7 days of growth and prepare a delicious meal.

 mushrooms simply at home to grow mushroom kit mushroom garden Helvesiek | GourmetGuerilla.de

Granted - I was a little uncertain at first, if that too would really work.But then nothing happens. The man eyed the box rather suspiciously. I think he mumbled something about "brown thumbs", among other things. But I certainly just interrogated myself there. At some point, however, I believed that I had broken the great mushroom thing - but then ... Ha! Triumph! On the seventh day, the first little mini-mini-mushrooms grew out of their greenhouse.

And then it really started. I literally watched the mushrooms grow bigger! Within a few days, so many chestnut saplings grew that the greenhouse box got a flip side. The fat yield I could then easily cut off with a sharp knife - just as mushrooms would be harvested in the forest.

Mushrooms easy Gourmet mushroom garden Helvesiek GourmetGuerilla.de

My first mushroom hunt then hiked into our dinner. And was received very positively by the whole family. (Because of brown thumb, no.) But the fun was not over yet: If you open the cardboard box at the top and the substrate block turns so that the pristine back to the front facing the window, you can directly start over and over again harvest delicious mushrooms again in a few days. The substrate block can be placed on the compost or in the biowaste after the second harvest (free from the plastic foil). The cardboard box goes into the waste paper.

The Mushroom Garden Mushroom Kit: A great present to eat - with "Do it yourself" fun

I'm a real one now mushroom growing fan! It was really fun to see the mushrooms growing on my windowsill. (Is it okay to talk about mushrooms?) That you can harvest and enjoy the result of your efforts afterwards is doubly great.

That's why we should all give away a lot more mushroom kits! Instead of getting the usual bottle of wine, chocolates or a funny meant something that disappears afterwards in dark drawers at the host - we rather give game, fun and excitement to (healthy) eating. And who has found something special like chestnut seitlings in a vegetable department? Eben.

The Mushroom Kit can be ordered online from the Demeter Mushroom Garden Helvesiek and will arrive home by post office a few days later.

Enjoy mushrooming!