{Low Carb} Brussels sprout casserole with smoked pork. A weekend meal for the whole family.

S 0, because isses again: The vegetables that split the nation at least as well as coriander or Harzer scooter. BRUSSELS SPROUTS. And as a casserole. There are probably no two opinions. Either you love him or you hate him.

Here are all fortunately on the fan page. The child decided at the age of six or seven, almost overnight, that Brussels sprouts are a great thing. (Sometimes you just have to wait, but miracles do happen.) However, the miracle D-Day is still lacking in the voluntary brushing of teeth.)

Back to Brussels sprouts. If you like him, he's a great buddy for healthy family nutrition. He has under 40 calories per 100 g, little simple carbohydrates, but just under 5 grams of protein, plenty of mineral and fiber, as well as vitamin A, riboflavin (vitamin B2) and vitamin C. And he can do so much more than too soft cooked on rumzukullern a three-component plate with potatoes and roast. So how about this low carb brussels sprout casserole? Hearty and filling, with spicy (lean) Kassler, onions, mushrooms and some crispy cheese baked it comes straight out of the oven. A great meal for the weekend! For the people with good intentions: If you do not overdo it with cream and cheese, the casserole has just 500 calories per person.

That sounds good? Great! Here's the recipe.

Have it tasty

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Low Carb Brussels Sprout Casserole with Kassler | GourmetGuerilla.com

Here comes the recipe for low carb brussel sprout casserole with smoked pork