{Low Carb} Drunken chicken breast Marsala with mushrooms and tomatoes

I I just do not really want to get rid of summer. I'd rather just sit on him - zack, escape impossible. Yes, ok, I'm probably not the only one. And yes, the fall certainly offers great things like new chic coats, long walks in cold, clear air and the maximum dose of mulled wine. Everything's great too.

But every time I put my face in the wonderfully warm, caramel-like, mild October sun, I wish it would go on forever. This late summer sun is so gentle and calm - not at all stinging and demanding like in midsummer. Just sitting in a quiet place, cuddling with the sun and reloading your own energy level ... wonderful.

But autumn is coming. With the stubborn Hamburg rain (generally horizontal), expressive gusts of wind (generally arctic-cold) and gloomy afternoons (basically too fast in the evening opening). Mimimimi.

I like being in the mornings recently, because I have to wear pantyhose again. I had forgotten how uncomfortable these things can be. Especially if you catch a copy for some reason that definitely two number is too small and the full implications of this circumstance only in the middle of the platform of the S-Bahn. But otherwise the clamottente situation is rather difficult at the moment: In the morning you freeze. At noon you sweat. In the evening, the darn heater does not really want to tackle and one camps chilled under blankets on the couch. So I do not know.

The last salvation: The hakelige seasons change simply beautiful eat. The drunken chicken schnitzel masala with mushrooms and tomatoes are my perfect culinary transition jacket. So to speak. Like a wonderful balancing act between the favorite stop, in which we devotionally worship the last rays of sunshine in a sheltered corner, and the cardigan in which we gratefully embrace ourselves on the way home in the evening. With a comfortable, creamy cream sauce, the cuddly warm-sweet aroma of Marsala wine, autumnal golden brown mushrooms, excitingly crunchy chicken and a few fresh summer bursts in the shape of fruity cherry tomatoes and green herbs.

And everything ends up delicious in a pan. For me a comfort blast in the transition zone. And for you so?

{Low Carb} Drunken chicken schnapps Masala with mushrooms and tomatoes | GourmetGuerilla.com{Low Carb} Drunk chicken schnitzel masala with mushrooms and tomatoes GourmetGuerilla.com{Low Carb} Drunken chicken breast Marsala with mushrooms and tomatoes

Here comes the recipe for drunken chicken breast Marsala with mushrooms and Tomatoes

Ingredients for 3-4 people:

3 tablespoons butter
500 g pink mushrooms,
cleaned and sliced ​​
2 garlic cloves, peeled and chopped
150 ml Marsala wine + 50 ml to taste (if no children eat)
1 cup of whipped cream and 1/2 tsp Guarkernmeh l (or cornstarch for non-low-carvers)
1 double chicken breast (happy-ethical)
60 g almond flour (or normal flour for non-low-carvers)
2 tsp all-season spice
250 g cherry tomatoes
1/2 bunch of smooth parsley, chopped
salt & pepper

And this is how it works: Heat 1 tbsp of butter in a large pan and add the mushrooms to it at a high heatThen add the cream and guar gum (or cornflour) and season with salt and pepper. Reduce the heat and simmer the sauce until it thickens.

Meanwhile, cut the chicken breast into slices about 1 cm thick. Mix the almond flour with the all-purpose spice and salt and pepper on a plate. Turn the chicken breast slices in it and squeeze the breading.

In a second pan, heat the remaining butter and fry the chicken from both sides until crisp brown.

The sauce with the Add cherry tomatoes and the rest of Marsala to the chicken in the pan. Simmer briefly until all is hot and the tomatoes have softened slightly.

Serve with chopped parsley sprinkled.

{Low Carb} Drunken chicken breast Marsala with mushrooms and tomatoes