Mapo Doufu: Tofu with minced meat sauce

"Is there bacon on tofu?" The man always looks very irritated when he comes across flesh in a dish with tofu. "Sure!" I see no reason not to combine the two. They complement each other really well. In the Greater Europe, the idea that tofu alone is a meat substitute for vegetarians is widespread. But that's a tough job for the tofu, because to be honest, you can make a lot of delicious things out of tofu - but the meat tastes less like meat.

High time, the tofu from its unsatisfactory Niche and simply to see it as a very versatile ingredient. Of course, the old Chinese have been doing that for ages, so let's take an example. Here comes a simple as well as delicious traditional Chinese dish (just a tiny bit modified by me): Mapo Doufu - Tofu with minced meat.

Here comes the recipe for Mapo Doufu - Tofu with minced meat for 2 -3 Pour hungry

2 tbsp neutral oil into a pan and sauté 250 g organic ground beef . If the minced meat is crumbly, add 1 large chopped garlic clove and 2 cm chopped fresh ginger .

When it starts to smell, 2 tbsp light soy sauce , 3 tbsp black pepper sauce or black bean sauce (from the shop) and 1 pinch of salt add. Simmer briefly.

In the meantime, 400 g silk tofu (which has a wonderful texture!) Cut into not too small Wüfel and briefly into boiling water (eg from the kettle) dip. Drain and add to the minced meat. Leave 1 can of black beans and add to the pan.

Add 1 cup of clear stock (home-cooked or the organic version with no flavors) and simmer briefly again.

Some food or rice starch or Kudzu in a sip of cold water and slowly pour into the pan. Binding, stirring gently.

1 bunch of spring onions cut into fine rolls. Add half to the hack and stir briefly. Sprinkle on the other half just before serving.

Slow Carb friends may also Serve boiled green beans, otherwise of course rice fits very well.