Red Wine Herb Casserole with Potato, Celery, Butter and Garlic Puree. Juchee!

Contains Spanish red wine advertisement

Contains Spanish Red Wine Advertisement

O k, it's really darn difficult, all these really good things in a small headline to squeeze. Almost impossible! So here comes the whole thing again in the Long Version: Today we talk about a two days in red wine and herbs marinated beef and an incredibly fluffy potato and celery puree with an outrageous portion of butter and roasted garlic. Now you know the whole thing. Drooling allowed.

Two days ago, I bought the beef from the Butcher of Trust and happily scratched it home with it. My friend Vivien already told me a few summers ago in flowery colors of this great recipe that she got to know during her stays in the warm South. And that's how I felt then, that I've been haunting my head for years: tidy pieces of beef are spread with spicy mustard and then marinated with herbs and red wine for several days. The marinade also makes cheaper non-fillet parts such as Tafelspitz wonderfully tender. Then the aromatic meat comes on the hot grill and sizzles brown to himself. In addition a piece of baguette and a green salad ... life can be so beautiful!

I have the whole unceremoniously translated into the winter. (Who of you has an outdoor grill in the winter: happy you!) But there must be whole indoor with the pan work. And it does. Even right, really good. The lettuce is quickly replaced by a generous puree - terrific soulfood in the cold season!

Red wine and herb beef with potato celery

The whole thing is also so incredibly good, because you can do almost nothing and also not have much to do. Only with the roast must not spoil - but we get together without any problems. Also important are a few aromatic ingredients for the marinade: fresh herbs, some garlic and a rich, full-bodied wine. But you do not necessarily have to grab the 35-Euro-bottle. Even in the supermarket of trust you will find what you are looking for: I used a Spanish Rioja for my recipe. Wines from "La Rioja" are protected by the oldest denomination of origin of Spain and may only originate from this region.

The puree then makes itself almost by itself.

Have it delicious

Red wine and herb beef with potato, celeriac and garlic butter puree |

And here comes the recipe for red wine-herb beef with potato-celeriac-butter-garlic puree

=" col "> Ingredients for 4 servings:

For red wine and herbal beef
600 g lean beef (eg Tafelspitz)
2-3 tablespoons hot mustard (eg Dijon)
150 ml strong red wine
2 sprigs of fresh rosemary
2 sprigs of fresh thyme
2 Sliced ​​garlic
1 tbsp butter lard for roasting
sea salt & black pepper

For the potato celery butter knob also-puree
3 toasted baked garlic (according to this recipe)
800 g potatoes, flour-cooking
400 g celery
100 ml of milk
125 g butter of sea salt

Here's how it works:

48 hours before dinner
Free the beef from any skins and fat and cut into 6-8 oblong 2-3 cm thick pieces.Add herbs, garlic and red wine, close the can and shake to well combine all the flavors. Put the tin in the fridge and let it pass for 2 days. Remove from the refrigerator 2-3 hours before frying and bring to room temperature.

Before eating
For the puree

Peel the potatoes, if necessary, halve and in Boil salted water. Drain and allow to evaporate.

Peel and dice the celery in parallel. Heat 1 generous tablespoon butter in medium saucepan and fry the celery slowly for about 20 minutes until soft and lightly caramelized.

Potatoes, celery and 3 baked garlic cloves are put into the pot through a potato press to press. Add milk and a generous pinch of salt to the puree and stir creamy with a whisk. Finally, add the butter, let it melt and stir again vigorously. Keep the purées on a low heat until ready to serve.

For beef
Heat a medium-frying pan, then add the lard and wait until it is quite hot , Lift the beef out of the marinade and pat dry with kitchen paper. Put the meat with the herbs from the marinade in the pan and fry each side for about 4-5 minutes. The meat should be browned outside and pink inside. If the pieces of meat are slightly thicker than 2-3 cm, extend the roasting time by 1-2 minutes per side. Remove the meat from the pan, wrap in aluminum foil and let rest briefly.

Place meat with potato, celery, butter and garlic puree on a plate and drizzle with the gravy from the pan. Season with sea salt and black pepper, decorate with the fried herbs and serve. Yummy!

PS: Drink responsibly.

Red wine and herb beef with potato and celery garlic

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